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There's a bug in Nintendo's Metroid Dread: How to avoid it

There’s a bug in Nintendo’s Metroid Dread: How to avoid it

Nintendo is working on a solution to a recently posted bug Metroid Ingest It can halt your progress if you are lucky enough to encounter it. The company announced. the interview support page The failure caused the error message, “The program closed because an error occurred,” forcing it to close unexpectedly. Nintendo says a patch will be released before the end of the month.

Until this patch is released, though, players will need to avoid triggering the error that can apparently occur at the end of the game when “the player destroys a door while the card selection for that specific door is displayed on the map.” Fortunately, this means that it is very easy to recover from a breakdown if it does occur. This is what Nintendo says when the game crashes:

“Restart the game and remove the door code mapping selector before going through this sequence to prevent this error from occurring.”

Metroid Ingest Released last week on October 8th, it’s the first brand-new 2D Metroid game in nearly two decades (with no new releases like Metroid: The Return of Samos). However, it was generally well received the edgeAndrew Webster He points out that the game’s controls can struggle to keep up with more intense action sequences, of which there are many.