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There may be no life on Venus

There may be no life on Venus

Hopes were high at the end of last year: researchers suspected the existence of life in the atmosphere of Venus. But a new study shows that there is a shortage of water.

The basics in brief

  • Previously suspected life on Venus appears to have been a miscalculation.
  • The reason for this is the lack of water.
  • But it looks different on Mars.

Researchers were only recently in the atmosphere of Venus I found monophosphate gas. On Land Is this the production of microorganisms or industrially. For this reason it was suggested that Venus in any way home life.

Temperatures on the surface of Venus above 450 degrees. Therefore, it has been speculated that microbes are present in the planet’s atmosphere. But according to a new one a study It is highly unlikely that there is life there.

Too little water on Venus

According to a report in the journal Nature Astronomy, the reason for this is very simple: there is a shortage of water. According to the analyzes, the water activity in this area reaches a maximum of 0.004.

In order to provide a basis for life, a value of at least 0.585 on a scale of 0 to 1 is required. Therefore, it is impossible to have microbes in the atmosphere of Venus.

But the situation is different with our red neighbor: there is a water activity of 0.537. The value would have been higher in the past.

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