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There is still no place for the personnel carrier - Weil am Rhein

There is still no place for the personnel carrier – Weil am Rhein

Only the new tank truck that fits in the new fire station / old city hall fire station garage will now be reactivated.

. The Cityzenkirch local council also unanimously approved the Kander brigade requirements plan for the years 2022-2027. This provides for the acquisition of two new vehicles for the area in the next two years. This would lead to further changes to the local defense.

On Friday, local councilor and division commander Jürgen Eichen explained the parts of the requirements plan that matter to Ciitzenkirch. In accordance with this, the oldest vehicle in the entire army, LF 8 built in 1990, is located in Sitzenkirch. It should have been replaced this year. Due to the increasing number of wildfires in nature, according to Eichin, it is now recommended to purchase a tender for a tank with a larger water supply, which is missing in the fleet of the public rescue service. The plan is to buy the TLF 4000 from the Lörrach Fire Brigade, which is about 20 years old, but in top condition. With 4,000 liters of water and other extinguishing agents on board, this would be a “bargain” from the commander’s point of view. Except for Kandern, there is only place for this in the Sitznkirch. From here it will be available to all departments and provide cross-country assistance, the local commander looked ahead. If no one is on site in Sitzenkirch, folks from Kandern can also pick up the TLF 4000 themselves. Since the old fire truck could accommodate nine comrades, but the TLF 4000 could only accommodate three, a new personnel carrier had to be purchased.

However, for this MTW, the fire department garage in the local administration building needs to be revitalized and upgraded. This was rented a few years ago with the construction of a new fire station on the other south side of the town hall. “It would be better, of course, to have everything in one place,” said Stefan Bleckmann. However, the extension of the new tool shed will be associated with significantly higher investments, and it was finally agreed. It is also assumed that the municipality lacks real estate around the tool shed. Parking is needed in front of it for day travelers, city hall apartment renters, and firefighters’ vehicles on the go. Eshin said upgrading the old fire department garage wouldn’t be too expensive. For example, there is no need for an exhaust suction system.

But what is certainly needed is more comrades with a truck driver’s licence. Because with the special driver’s license for the fire engines, it is no longer possible to control the new car. Two more comrades had already expressed interest, and the commander was delighted. The city will reimburse you for the cost of your driver’s license in stages.

According to the plan of requirements, the two purchases are staggered – the TLF 4000 as early as 2022, and MTW not until 2023. However, as Mayor Tobias Bos suggested, a parallel purchase would make more sense.