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There is no sign of the blues master at FCZ.  "We continue to stomp on the gas - beside and on the field."

There is no sign of the blues master at FCZ. “We continue to stomp on the gas – beside and on the field.”

Precher: “It’s great to win the first game as champions”


Against an impassioned backdrop, FC Zurich also beat in-form FC St. Gallen 2-1, with no sign of what’s after the tournament’s gala. Game sounds.

“He’s so perfect,” said NFL goalkeeper Yannick Brecher, aptly summing up the champion’s state of mind. “It was a bit uncertain how to start this match today. But the team was very focused. The players who went in were really hungry from the first minute. It’s great to win your first game as a champion right away. With this background, it’s great”, he enthuses Brecher with his team.” “We always go out to win. It also shows that we have a lot of quality in the team.”

Aliti: We wanted to give the fans this win

“We had a great atmosphere in training all week. It was fun, we enjoyed it and we will continue to enjoy it. But it is very important that we keep working and be ready when the referee blows the whistle”, explained the FCZ left-back, adding: “When we went out to enter And our fans saw how many showed up again today, so they wanted us to give them this victory.”

Aliti: We wanted to give the victory to the fans


Regarding the tournament celebrations over the past few days, the 28-year-old says, “I’ve already thought about it and wondered what it would be like. But honestly, given that background, our fans are still singing. You make it so easy for us. We get out there. And we are excited so that we can win for them. (…) Our fans have proven once again that they are the best. The victory is theirs.”

After the 23rd victory in the 33rd inning, the mood of the premature champion was correspondingly good. “He’s definitely not quiet, like he hasn’t been all week,” Yeti said when asked about the drive home. “We continue to stomp on the gas – by the side of the field and on the field.”

Seiler: “I knew that day would come sometime”

In addition, additional players are now given their chance at FCZ. “I haven’t played a lot of games this season, but I’ve always done my best in training. I knew there would come a day when I could take advantage of it. Now we are champions, and playing in such an atmosphere is unbelievable,” says Stefan Seeler after his first start for FCZ. “I could have enjoyed it today and I’m glad it went well.”

Seiler: “It’s unbelievable to play in such an atmosphere”


Quintella: ‘We should be proud’

On the other hand, FC St. Gallen don’t really blame themselves. “We had the opportunity. They defended well, they are champions, we must not forget that,” Jordi Quintilia said after only the second bankruptcy in the second half of the season. “But we have to be proud, great atmosphere – it gives us motivation.”

Quintella: ‘We should be proud’


Game highlights

St. Gallen – Zurich 1: 2

Credit Suisse Super League, Round 33, Season 21/22