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There is no longer any place for nannies in the new royal house

A royal move in William and Kate

There is no longer a place for the royal nanny

New life in Windsor: Prince William and Duchess Kate have already registered the children at the new school.


The nanny, Maria Boralo, has been taking care of the royal offspring since 2013.

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Cambridge is waiting for a new life this summer. Duchess Catherine, 40, and Prince William, 40, will leave Kensington Palace with their children and move to Windsor. They said goodbye to old school, and George (9), Charlotte (7) and Lewis (4) will attend Lambroke School in Berkshire from September.

The change of residence led to another change of the royal family. Because one person won’t live with Cambridge: nanny George, Charlotte and Louis. There’s no room in the new four-bedroom country villa of Maria Boralo, 49, who has always lived under the same roof with Cambridge since George’s birth in 2013. However, Borrallo won’t be completely lost to miscreants. You should only live elsewhere in the future, but continue to work as a nanny.