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competitor?  This is how Samanda Pahde's mom raised Cheyenne & Valentina!

There is no competition? This is how Cheyenne and Valentina Bahdi grew up>entertainment>

Samanda Pahde: ​​”I didn’t really want to create this double image”

With Their joint dance “Let’s Dance” in the ninth show Did you prove it again: Valentina And the Cheyenne Bahdi They are an unbeatable (twin) team. The sisters trust each other blindly and have an unbeatable bond. “There is no competition with us,” explains Valentina in an interview. And they owe it to their mother, too, because Samanda Bahdi She gave her daughters an important message early on: “Striving not always for success, but for happiness.” In the interview that appears at the top of the video, Cheyenne and Valentina look back with their mom and also open their photo album.

“The main thing is that one of us is on the stage.”

As children, they took part in a role in “Forsthaus Falkenau” and since then they have walked similar career paths – albeit separately from each other. Cheyenne Bahdi plays in Cologne for several years in “Everything Matters”, Valentina in Babelsberg in “Götzeiten, Bad Zeiten”. Also with “Let’s Dance” they were both really on the ground. Here Valentina, who is among the top five of the current season, has already overtaken her sister Cheyenne. In 2017, he ranked eighth.

But there is no sign of competition between sisters. “On the contrary, if Valentina gets a job, I’m glad she got it, not anyone else,” Cheyenne laughs in an interview. This is how Valentina also sees: “The main thing is that one of us is standing on the stage.” Support is critical.

Cheyenne and Valentina are separated at school

Supporting both daughters separately and fairly – of course it wasn’t always easy for Samanda Pahde and her husband. “I tried very hard,” Mama Bahdi said in an interview. And of course, according to Shayan and Valentina, she managed. They are incredibly grateful to their parentsEspecially for loving and independent education. By the way, so that both sisters could find their own paths, they were separated from each other in elementary school. “I didn’t really want to create this double image,” Samanda said in an interview. “I only brought them together from high school, because two classes were just too stressful for me.” But now she will be very happy to have a double or quadruple grandchildren: “I’ll take it with my left hand.”

In the video: Cheyenne & Valentina made their mother cry with this dance

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