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There is a risk of internal bleeding due to broken glass

There is a risk of internal bleeding due to broken glass

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The current recall affects discount product Netto Nord. The manufacturer warns against cake. This may contain foreign objects.

MUNICH – Coffee and cake are a popular tradition in Germany. However, if you want to enjoy a piece of cake in the afternoon, you don’t necessarily have to spend hours in the kitchen. Supermarkets and discount stores have a wide range of ready-made or frozen cakes. However, under no circumstances should a particular Netto Nord frozen product be consumed as it is affected by recall. Netto Marken-Discount also recently had to initiate a recall – due to dangerous foreign objects discovered in capers.

Netto Nord begins to remember: The cake might contain shards of glass

The reason behind the current cake recall is the potential risk of injury. “The presence of glass fragments in the product cannot be ruled out,” he says. Neto in a message. The poppy seed cake was influenced by Netto’s Finton’s Bakery.

The “Finton’s Bakery Poppy Seed Cake” has been immediately withdrawn from sale, the discount owner has reported. Anyone who purchased the cake should definitely check if the product is affected by the recall. Swallowing glass shards can cause serious injury. Injuries to the mouth and throat, internal injuries, or bleeding, such as consumer gate, are possible I was informed.

A special Netto brand cake is being recalled. The recall affects only one batch. © Screenshot Net

Netto Cake Recall: This batch should not be consumed under any circumstances

The products were sold in Netto Nord branches (not in Netto Marken-Discount). According to the company, customers who purchased a product affected by the recall can return or exchange it at all Netto-Nord branches, even without presenting a receipt.

As the discount company is aware, the following cake products will be recalled:

Fenton’s Poppy Seed Cake
August 21, 2024

During the manufacturing process, foreign objects such as metal screws, glass shards from containers, or plastic parts can get into the food. “If a company discovers that a food it produces could pose a health risk and is unsafe, it is obliged to recall it,” the Consumer Advice Center said. Glass shards were also the reason for the recall of the cider, which was also sold at Netto. (Sunni)