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There are only 3 days left for the US to leave

The Taliban are pushing for an August 31 withdrawal deadline. The United States will therefore fly to the public for the last time in three days.

Summarize the essentials

  • In September, the Taliban did not want US troops in the country.
  • Since the army also has to leave, the civilian evacuation must be completed early.
  • According to the former CIA agent, Biden was reportedly offered alternatives.

In September, the Taliban no longer wanted any foreign armed forces in the country. If the deadline is not met, Radical Islamist militants are threatening consequences. Even the expulsions from Afghanistan Not possible anymore. President of the United States Joe Biden In the meantime it has reaffirmed its desire to expel all soldiers from Afghanistan.

In fact Public eviction Must be completed before August 31, the former says CIASam Fodis, agent of the “Daily Mail”. The last U.S. flight with the public is scheduled to take place three days earlier airport Left in Kabul – within 72 hours. Got it Joe Biden Decided and confirmed by many in Kabul, Fatis says.

This is because the army needs time to prepare for withdrawal. All items and all people must be brought on board, while the security area must be secured.

Fodis said the United States would then leave Afghanistan, “no matter who is behind it.” Another problem is that no one knows the exact number of Americans still in the country. Fatis: “We can go.”

But there would have been solutions to evict all civilians, the former saysCIA-Agent. Several generals proposed Pita to reclaim an air base outside Kabul. The more planes take off and land there, the easier it is to secure airport In Kabul. U.S. forces will not be able to defend it in the event of an attack.

Despite the advice of his advisers and generals, I got up Joe Biden Is pronounced against the plan, Fatis said.

On Wednesday evening, US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen commented on the remaining Americans in Afghanistan: There is no time limit for attemptsTo help Americans who want to leave the country. According to spokeswoman Jen Zaki, they are working on it and exploring ways to provide diplomatic support.

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