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theHunter: Call of the Wild – Expansive Worlds announces a brand new Australian hunting region

Expansive Worlds, the creative arm of Avalanche Studios Group, today (05/23/2023) released the next paid DLC map for their open world hunting game, The Hunter: Call of the Wild. Titled Emerald Coast Australia, this new hunting area features a wide variety of open worlds.

“We have smart, very dedicated communities, and they’ve guessed correctly for some time that Australia will be our next hunting destination,” said Troy Schramm, lead game designer for Hunter: Call of the Wild.

“We’re delighted to finally be able to confirm their suspicions were correct and can’t wait to discover all the unique animals and diverse environments the Australian outback has to offer.”

Emerald Coast Australia Key Features:

  • Explore the Australian outback, subtropical bushlands and tropical rainforests and experience the natural wonder of its breathtaking wilderness.
  • Hunt some of Australia’s iconic animals including the magpie goose, pandang, saltwater crocodile and eastern gray kangaroo.