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The woman is suing Aldi for damages

In Australia, a woman was injured in an Aldi branch during a sales campaign. Now he sued the waiver for damages.

Aldi is under investigation in Australia. (Image: Jakub Borzicki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

A woman in Australia has taken legal action against Aldi. The 73-year-old injured himself a year ago during a special sale at a discounter. His allegation against the group: Aldi did not take enough care to protect customers as part of the campaign.

The lawsuit, filed this month in a district court in the state of Victoria, claims Aldi failed to control crowds during sales by creating “emotion and competition” among customers, according to Yahoo Australia.

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In August last year, there were tense scenes during a special sale at an Aldi branch in Geelong. In the struggle, the woman, who wished to remain anonymous, was pushed to the ground by another customer’s shopping cart. She broke her hip and had to have surgery as a result.

Did Aldi not do due diligence?

According to his lawyer, the discount company neglected its duty of care to its customers. “We allege that Aldi’s advertising increased customer traffic and that the company did not have adequate controls in place to manage the flow of customers,” says Jody Harris.

The prosecutor says his movement has been restricted since the incident. She also suffers from anxiety and depression. He is seeking compensation from Aldi and an assumption of all costs related to his injury. The group has not yet commented on the matter.

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