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The White House says policy change on Cuba is not Biden’s “priority.”

Joe Biden ordered Biden to reconsider Trump’s policies on Cuba, but change of position was not among his priorities. Photo: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters.

White House spokeswoman Jen Sackie ruled on Tuesday that the change in attitude from Washington to Cuba was one of the priorities of current US President Joe Biden, although he had ordered a review of his policies weeks ago by his predecessor, Donald Trump.

“The change of position on Cuba is not currently President Biden’s priority, but we are committed to making human rights a cornerstone of US policy,” Zaki confirmed during a press conference in Gaza White.

Sackie’s comments come a week after a group of eighty Democrats sent a letter to Biden demanding a change in the “terrible” policies and restrictions imposed on Washington during Donald Trump’s previous administration.

The text called for a renewed “productive” dialogue with the island’s government to “improve the most constructive approach to helping Cuban families in distress and to return to a policy of normalization and normalization of relations.”

The letter came after Biden ordered a review of Trump’s policies on Cuba. This analysis was led by the National Security Agency. In addition, during his campaign, Biden promised to lift some restrictions on travel and trade between the two countries and to renew diplomatic talks.

However, it may face rejection of strong departments in Congress. Democrats, for their part, insist on humanitarian and economic regulations, and point out that “executive orders implemented by the Trump administration have tightened sanctions to a level not seen for decades.”

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