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The Weather app returns to the taskbar

Insider Build 22518! 1 minute. Read

News / Ariane Krasniki
Photo: Microsoft / Montage: Allround PC

With Windows 11, Microsoft removed the functionality of displaying the weather via the taskbar. The next update should bring this feature back and thus fill up the unused space in the tape.

Windows 11 gave the operating system a relatively strong facelift and thus banned weather information from the system tray. With the ancestor, this was still because News & Interests The view is displayed in the right corner and moved to the Tools menu with the new operating system. The screen now returns to the taskbar with the next update, but this time on the left side.

with the Windows Insider Build 22518 Microsoft has added a new speech recognition feature called, among other things Voice access. Additionally, the update also brought back the weather display, which is now permanently displayed on the left side of the taskbar. This space is not fully used yet and was reserved for the start menu in older Windows versions. Alternatively, the weather widget is displayed on the right if the start menu is set to the left.

Image: Microsoft

The widget overview can now also be called up via the new weather widget, which replaces its separate previous icon. In addition, this is now also displayed when hovering over it with the mouse pointer. Of course, this is not the final version of wet iconsIt is now only included in the Insider Preview. To what extent and when will the feature finally be available as a Windows update for the “global variant” of Windows 11 It will still appear unclear. Microsoft will likely take some time here to finish the job.


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