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The waterfall in Australia is flowing upwards due to strong winds

In Australia, the wind has blown a waterfall beyond gravity. Shows video of a ranger.

Brief essentials

  • After heavy rain, a waterfall flooded Port-Campbell National Park.
  • This is because the wind speed is 60 to 80 kilometers per hour.

The Australian National Park Port-Campbell hosted one last week Spectacular scenery. A high wind blew and the waterfall blew over a cliff.

The result is an inverted waterfall. A video on the social media platform Facebook Showing the scene. This was recorded by local ranger Daniel Howard-Jones.

He explains to the “Storyful” site that the windmill should be 60 to 80 kilometers per hour. The scene took place on June 9 after heavy rain.

Have you ever filmed a waterfall despite the strong winds?

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