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The Voice 2022 - Bruno Floch: "Georgia is on my mind"

The Voice 2022 – Bruno Floch: “Georgia is on my mind”

Behind this curtain hides an unmistakable voice: Bruno performs his unique “Georgia on My Mind” voice for soul legend Ray Charles. Is one of the coaches convinced of that?

This unique performance will be remembered

Bruno Flütsch appears behind the scenes on the Voice of Germany stage. The audience – just like the coaches – initially only listens to his voice and the audience likes what they hear. Bruno Flütsch’s emotion-filled performance in “Georgia On My Mind” also convinces Stephanie and Mark. Stephanie perplexed after the performance: “Why isn’t that four-way bell, do you have a bang, or what? That’s unbelievable!” Mark also has words of praise just for Bruno. You can find out which team the talent chooses in the clip.

Bruno Floch sings “Georgia On My Mind” by Ray Charles

“Georgia On My Mind” is originally a jazz standard that originated from composer Hoagy Carmichael. The American composer’s song has been covered countless times. Among others 1960 by Ray Charles. His version – a mixture of pop, jazz and blues – won two Grammy Awards and topped the US charts.