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The video platform must be fully open after the hack

The video platform must be fully open after the hack

The torrent link containing a 125GB file is said to be hiding a leak in the entire Twitch system, including the source code and admin backend.

An unknown hacker posted a 125GB torrent link on the controversial 4chan forum and stated that Leaking To work to “promote disruption and competition in the online video streaming area,” because Twitch is a “disgusting toxic sink.”

as Chronicle video games (VGC), the leak should contain the entire system including source code and a lot of payment information from Twitch publishers. From the Amazon affiliate’s environment, VGC received an unofficial confirmation that the leaked data is authentic, provided that anonymity is maintained. Initial considerations by VGC publications also indicate that this is not a fake. However, no one has yet thoroughly checked the entire data packet, so this statement should be conservative. A statement from Twitch is still pending.

What should be included in a Twitch leak?

Amazingly, the leak should contain Twitch’s full source code with comment history, which is “back to the beginning”. Similarly, the publisher has been providing batch reporting since about mid-2019 as well as all of the Twitch clients, SDKs (Software Development Kits) and internal AWS services used by Twitch that will be part of the post. In addition, the hacker claims to have attached “every other property owned by Twitch, including IGDB and Curseforge”. This also includes unpublished Steam competitor Vapor from Amazon Game Studios as well as internal Twitch, so-called “Red Teaming” tools with which Twitch employees can simulate hacker attacks on their infrastructure.

Twitch leak: Are passwords affected too?

After the leak became public, some Twitter users have already started searching for the information. At least one of them claims to have found encrypted passwords and advises users to change their passwords for security.

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The torrent is also supposed to contain the unit code for the game called Vapeworld. This is supposed to be a chat program based on Steam, Amazon’s unreleased competitor Vapor. As the hacker explains, the data packet should only be part of the content that will be leaked. However, he has not provided a preview of what can be published yet.

One of the most shared information from the leak is of course the purported payments overviews, which can apparently be broken down into individual month and all payments from August 2019 to September 2021 are included.

Is the leak a reaction to Twitch’s handling of hate raids?

VGC suspects that the hacker attack could be a reaction to the streaming platform’s problems with disciplining problematic members of the Twitch community. Time and time again, there are so-called hate raids in which banners are attacked in a defamatory manner.

Last month, a group of Twitch creators invited other channels and viewers to join the site in response to these raids. 24 hour interruption. Twitch Then I promised on TwitterThey are trying to stop the hate raids, but also stated that they don’t see a “simple solution” to this.

“No one should be subjected to malicious and hateful attacks based on who they are or what they represent,” she said. “This is not the community we want on Twitch, and we want you to know that we’re working hard to make Twitch a safer place for creative people.” As a result, Twitch has New moderation and verification tools announced.

Not everyone believes in this promise. The intent of the current leak could be to cause Twitch to “disable”.

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