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The Venezuelan president condemns the escalation of aggression

Caracas and President Nicolas Maduro today condemned the escalating aggression against Venezuela on the Colombian border, which aims to create a conflict between the two South American countries.

During a meeting to assess the epidemic, the president expressed his support for the actions of the Bolivian National Armed Forces (FANB) and security forces in the state of Apur to neutralize paramilitary forces from neighboring countries.

Maduro stressed that the intelligence and the Colombian military are coordinating operations with some of these irregular groups and assigning tasks in coordination with the US Southern Command in Venezuela.

In this sense, the head of state noted that these criminal gangs carry out attacks on Venezuelan territory and then cross the border under the protection and security of Colombian authorities.

Since Sunday, March 21, the FANB’s Strategic Action Command has been operating in the south of the state of Apur, especially near the city of La Victoria.

To date, the operations have brought to justice six neutral paramilitaries and 27 suspects, and 12 were arrested the previous day, in addition to the seizure of weapons and ammunition, drugs and technical equipment, as well as information about their activities.

The day before, Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Badrino condemned the Colombian government and the US Central Intelligence Agency for sponsoring and supplying logistics and materials, namely groups that create violence.

The owner denounced the fact that these armed gangs are involved in drug trafficking, extortion, human trafficking, human trafficking, smuggling and illegal mining, in addition to attacks on public institutions and harming the public by using antipersonnel mines.

In this sense, President Nicolas Maduro acknowledged the intolerant order with these criminal gangs and demanded the full support of the people of the frontier to maintain peace and sovereignty in the civil-military union.

“There will be no war in Venezuela and there will be peace and sovereignty guaranteed by the Bolivarian National Armed Forces,” the head of state said.