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The use of lead particles by coup leaders is evident in Bolivia – Brenza Latin

The expert explained that compared to the so-called Black October 2003 crackdown in the city of El Alto, later as part of an investigation they found rubber particles in the impacts that were on the surface, which they promised to take out very easily.

The big difference is that these 2019 lead particles and they happen through the body, they are not on the surface, Bravo asked the Interim Committee of Independent Experts (GIEI) to look for additional evidence of those responsible.

IDEI, a Bolivian NGO founded in 2001, prepared a preliminary report on the post-election conflict in 2019, which was submitted to the US-US Commission on Human Rights in February next year.

The so-called ‘La Pass – Cases of Torture and Harassment, IDEI Involved in November 2019 Events in Bolivia’ 96 Civilian Observed in the Facilities of the Special Forces Against Crime in the City, the Judiciary; Later, in the prisons of San Pedro, Obraz and Miraflorus.

In this last case, they recorded someone entering the hole through the abdomen, where the projectile went all over the body and stayed near the spine, the administrator described.

Official figures from the Ombudsman’s Office say that joint operations between the armed forces and the police, authorized by the real President Jeanine ez, killed 35 people in Bolivia, wounded 833 and arrested or frightened 1,504.

Since the end of 2020, the Bolivian prosecutor’s office has been investigating a case known as a conspiracy, and as a result, on Saturday, March 13, Eis and his former ministers Alvaro Combra (Justice) and Rodrigo Guzman (Energy) were arrested.

Allegations against civilians and soldiers who contributed to the coup include treason, conspiracy and terrorism, while Congress is analyzing calls for an inquiry into those responsible for the massacres of Sahaba (Cochabamba) and Sengata (El Alto, La Paz).

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