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The USA authority is investigating potential harm to users through ChatGPT

The USA authority is investigating potential harm to users through ChatGPT

Cases of manipulation of user data and chatbots providing false information about people should be investigated. “We have heard derogatory, slanderous reports. The Consumer Protection Commission is concerned that things are appearing that are completely untrue.

The US consumer protection agency FTC has opened an investigation into OpenAI. Successful use of ChatGPT should be checked to see if it harms consumers, for example by creating false information or mishandling user data. The Microsoft-backed California startup explained the FTC investigation and sent a long list of questions.

The FTC, which is also a competition authority, is primarily concerned with the protection of personal data used by the site. FTC Chair Lina Khan told a hearing before a congressional committee on Wednesday that her agency was concerned about the results of the ChatGPT scandal.

“Lies, defamatory statements”

“We have heard of people’s personal information being displayed in responses to someone else’s request,” Khan said. “We have heard derogatory, slanderous reports. Completely untrue things emerge. We are concerned about this kind of fraud and deception,” he added.

ChatGPT generates texts with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Users can specify individual commands or sentences, and then the system independently complements it using large amounts of data from the Internet. Critics counter that ChatGPT and its competitors are unclear about where they get their data and how they handle it. (APA/AFP)