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The US has presented a new compromise proposal on the Gaza deal

The US has presented a new compromise proposal on the Gaza deal

The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday (local time), citing Arab mediators, that a proposal put forward by CIA Director William Burns in Cairo on Sunday evening would see Islamist Hamas kill 40 of the more than 100 people in the country. A six-week ceasefire in the Gaza Strip in exchange for 900 Palestinian prisoners – including 100 sentenced to life in prison for murdering Israelis. News portal Axios also reported Burns' new proposal, which Israeli officials said was based on conditions discussed in previous talks. The new motion calls for compromise from both sides of the conflict.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Egyptian and Qatari mediators expect Hamas and Israel to respond to the new plan by Tuesday evening. Accordingly, Hamas must make concessions regarding the number and identity of hostages to be released. Axios reports that Israel must compromise on the return of displaced Palestinian citizens to the northern Gaza Strip. A key point centered on Israel's demand for Hamas to release 40 of the 100 hostages believed to be still alive, even if some of them did not meet the original criteria for release on humanitarian grounds, the news portal reported.

The first phase of a deal would exempt women, military personnel, men over 50 and men under 50 with serious medical conditions. In the latest negotiations, Hamas said there were no more than 40 living hostages in these categories. Senior Israeli officials believed this to be true.

So Israel has proposed closing the gap with soldiers or men under 50 who are hostages. In return, Israel would release a large number of Palestinian prisoners for each of these hostages, officials cited.

Israel has also made it clear that if Hamas agrees to this aspect of the deal, it will compromise on the return of civilians to the northern Gaza Strip. The US proposal aims to gradually and almost completely withdraw Israel from the corridor that divides the Strip and prevents displaced Palestinians from returning to the north.

Israel wants to prevent Hamas fighters from mixing with civilians when they return. It is unclear, however, whether Hamas will accept the compromise and is willing to release hostages, including soldiers or men under the age of 50. Hamas sees the latter as a means of pressure to force a permanent ceasefire.