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US-Notenbankchef Jerome Powell betonte jüngst, im Kampf gegen die Inflation müsse auch in Kauf g

The US economy contracted more than expected | Macro Markets

(Reuters) weBusiness at the beginning of the year some more powerfulshrink as such At first. GDP decreased In the first a fourth Annually at 1.5%, the Commerce Department announced Thursday based on a second estimate. The first was from a minutewe 1.4% is mentioned. With a slight improvement in the minimumwe 1.3% calculated.

Remnants Business It comes at a time when prices are increasing rapidly. The weThe Fed is facing an inflation rate of 8.3% lately. Against this background, it recently took the biggest rate move in 22 years – a half percentage point increase over the new rate range of 0.75 to 1.00%. More increases are likely to follow soon.

we– Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell confirmed this recently In the Fighting inflation must also be accepted Businessgrowth less awecases. Striving for a “soft landing” – as sucho Smooth transition to a slower one BusinessGrowth that does not lead to a recession if interest rates are higher.