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The update brings Metroid Dread three new game modes

The update brings Metroid Dread three new game modes

On April 7th, Nintendo released an update for Metroid dread The program was thus published on Version 2.1.0 Brought. Came through the update Three new game modesIt’s all about defeating bosses.

Normally Boss Rush mode, which was unlocked after winning the game, Samus must defeat twelve bosses in a row without healing between them. However, their weapons will be replenished.

there is that dread rush mode, which is probably reserved for a very small number of players. Rush is unlocked by beating the game in Dread Mode, and just like that, Samus dies instantly whenever he takes damage. Here, too, the arsenal of weapons has again been increased between battles.

If you complete one of the two new Rush modes, you will unlock too Survival Rush Free. Here Samus also has to fight bosses, but he has a time limit of five minutes. Defeating the bosses gives you some extra time, if Samus is not hit there is a small bonus. Weapons and Samu’s health are not refreshed here. How many bosses can you defeat in just five minutes?

In Boss Rush and in Dread Rush, there is also the possibility to study each of the bosses in training mode in detail and without stress. By the way, Metroid Dread is one of the best Metroidvania on the Nintendo Switch, As our test shows.

source: nintendo