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The University of Prague cancels the winter semester

The University of Prague cancels the winter semester

Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University in Prague: The shooter killed 14 people here.Image: Cornerstone

In response to the armed attack in which a 24-year-old student killed 14 people on December 21, affected faculty at Charles University in Prague have canceled the current winter semester. Today, Friday, the College of Human Sciences announced the complete suspension of teaching until the end of the semester. Examinations and consultations between students and teachers may be carried out, but only on a voluntary basis.

“Not participating in the final government exams in January/February 2024 will not threaten anyone’s ability to successfully complete their studies,” she said.

The main building of the college, where the attacker committed his crime, will remain “closed for technical reasons until at least the end of January.” In Jan Palach Square in front of it, there will be a “Faculty Month” with various events to deal with the tragedy and bring academic life back to the place.

By Friday, about 40,000 people had paid 49.8 million kroner (just over 2 million euros) to the university donation fund for the wounded and relatives of the dead.

Other fundraising efforts also brought in large sums. CTK news agency estimated the total amount, including the university fund, at 63 million kroner (2.55 million euros) on Wednesday evening. (DAP/EPA)

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