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The United States will defend Taiwan against attack

U.S.S Chairman Joe Biden China has promised military support to Taiwan when it attacks the island. “Yes, we are obligated,” Biden said in a CNN broadcast with Baltimore citizens on Thursday when asked if the U.S. military would defend Taiwan against China.

Military tensions between Beijing and Taipei have been rising for years. Beijing must reunite Taiwan, which seceded from China in 1949, as a separate province, with land – if necessary, with military force. Chinese President Xi Jinping It recently reaffirmed China’s claim to reunification with Taiwan.

Top diplomat recommends selling arms to Taiwan

Over the past few months, incidents of Chinese warplanes infiltrating Taiwan’s air defense base have increased. In the days leading up to the Chinese national holiday on October 1 alone, there were 150 such warplane missions.

China and the United States disagree on a number of issues. However, the Taiwan issue is seen as a controversial issue that could provoke an armed conflict between the world’s two largest economies.

The new U.S. ambassador to Beijing, Industrial Diplomat Nicholas Burns, said Wednesday that China does not trust Taiwan. At a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, Burns recommended that his appointment be confirmed and that more weapons be sold to Taipei to strengthen security.