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The United States and NATO turn Ukraine into a "powder keg"

The United States wants to strengthen democracies with hundreds of millions of dollars

Funds will be put into various existing or new projects to promote democracy. The United States wants, among other things, to provide funds to promote independence from the media and give journalists better legal protections. “Indispensable journalistic work must be protected from flimsy legal claims designed to silence legitimate work,” Washington said. “Free and independent media is the foundation of democracy,” Biden said. “It ensures that the public is informed and that governments are held accountable.”

In the fight against corruption, partner countries must be able to arm themselves against illegal financing, for example. It must also be ensured that marginalized groups have a say in democracies. Washington wants to launch an initiative to strengthen the role of political leadership for women and girls. An investment should also be made in a secure internet. “The use of digital technologies should strengthen democracy and respect for human rights, not weaken them,” she said. The United States also wants to work with partner countries to counter authoritarian Internet censorship. The defense of free and fair elections is also on the agenda.

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