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The United States wants to focus on the nuclear issue in dealing with North Korea

In the nuclear conflict with North Korea, the US government does not want to seek a comprehensive political agreement, but focuses on the goal of “nuclearization” of the Korean Peninsula.

Brief essentials

  • A senior representative of President Joe Biden’s administration in Washington said Wednesday (local time) that the United States relies on a “graduated pragmatic approach” to find a negotiated solution.

The goal for greater security is “practical improvement”.

Biden welcomes South Korean President Moon Jae-in to the White House this Friday. It should also be about future transactions with North Korea. Biden has announced that he is reviewing the previous US strategy. It seems now Government Relying on direct negotiations is aimed at keeping North Korea’s nuclear program within its narrow confines. The U.S. envoy did not provide accurate details of the targeted negotiating strategy. “This process will be challenging. That’s why we want to give ourselves maximum flexibility.”

The official declined to define more precisely what conditions North Korea would have to meet for “nuclear mechanization.” The United States and South Korea generally understand the term as disarming North Korea’s nuclear weapons. United StatesGovernment Do not believe the notion of a “big deal” or “strategic patience,” as Pitton refers to the attitudes of his predecessors.

Former President of the Republican Party Donald Trump He had to hold face-to-face meetings with the rulers of North Korea Kim Jong Un And the result of a comprehensive deal – useless. His predecessor, the former president Barack Obama He pursued a passive view of isolating North Korea by the Democrats – again without any definite victory. Moon, who is stepping down next year, said he hoped the meeting with Python would give new impetus to nuclear talks and peace processes on the Korean Peninsula.

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