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The United States wants to avoid misunderstandings with China

The relationship between the United States and China has been greatly affected in recent years. Both powers want to reduce misunderstandings in the future.

Brief essentials

  • The United States and China are working hard to maintain communications.
  • However, before the US Under-Secretary of State arrives, new issues arise.
  • China accuses Americans of being superior to other countries.

The United States wants to maintain relations with China and avoid misunderstandings. However, new differences arose before US Secretary of State Wendy Sherman’s visit to China.

Their plan included talks with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and US Deputy Foreign Minister Xi Feng. As a precautionary measure due to the epidemic, talks are taking place in the city of Tianjin, 130 kilometers from Beijing.

Minimize misunderstandings

Trade issues, hacking allegations, human rights violations, Hong Kong And China’s regional claims. He said the United States wanted to keep the communications channels open and hold open discussions An American government official. “Especially since we have different views, it is important to reduce the potential for misunderstanding between our countries.”

He was critical of recent sanctions China against US representatives in this controversy Hong Kong. Retaliated against US punitive measures Beijing sanctions Imposed on seven persons and companies in the United States.

America is not superior

Prior to the talks with Sherman, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang accused the United States of “putting pressure on others.” “I want to tell the United States that no country is superior to another.”

Foreign Office spokesman Zhao Legion called on the United States to stop “slandering” Beijing. The United States has no right to expand China. The United States sought to provoke a conflict and slow China’s growth.

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