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The United States now wants to impose sanctions on Putin

After the EU imposed sanctions on Putin, the United States wants to follow suit. Apart from the president, other members of the government will also be affected.

Briefly essential

  • Both the European Union and the United Kingdom have imposed sanctions on Putin.
  • The United States also now wants to allow the Russian president and other people.
  • These are aimed at making international business more difficult.

After the European Union and Great Britain, the US government also wants sanctions against the Russian president Vladimir Putin And imposed by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Other members of the Russian leadership will also be affected, US President Joe Biden’s spokesman Zhen Zaki said on Friday. That is the result Closer poll Has fallen with allies in the EU, Psaki said at the White House.

Barriers make international trade more difficult

Details of the sanctions will be announced later this afternoon (local time), he said. Most U.S. restrictions targeting specific individuals or companies freeze potential assets in the United States. American citizens and companies are often barred from doing business with them or financially assisting them.

If the victims do not have assets in the United States – which seems quite possible in the case of Putin and Lavrov – the sanctions are still more than symbolic. They make many international transactions more difficult for the affected people or companies because Western banks and companies do not want to risk breaking US sanctions.

Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, the US government has already imposed major sanctions, including on export restrictions on key Russian banks and state-owned enterprises and high-tech products.

Ukraine conflict: Sanctions may be tightened

President of the United States Joe Biden Insisted Obstacles can Another Increase in condition Re-tightened in eastern Ukraine. When asked, he did not explicitly reject sanctions against Putin.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote in the evening Telegram that Putin and Lavrov had no accounts in Great Britain or abroad.

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