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The United States holds more than 3,200 immigrant children in custody – Escomprey

A border agent takes a child who immigrated to Texas. (Photo: ADN Radio)

A figure showing the severity of the immigration crisis that the United States has not resolved. More than 3,200 migrant women and children are protected by border patrols without their families. Nearly 1,400 of them have been detained for more than three days.

It is detailed that about 170 of the detained girls and boys were under 13 years of age. As of March 8, the number of minors was three times higher than it was two weeks ago. The number of 1,700 people in the company’s offices nearly doubled the previous week.

In total, at least 1,360 people have been detained beyond the 72 hours established by law. They were then transferred to camps run by the health department on patrol. In February, the agency transferred more than 7,000 migrant women and children, while 2,600 were waiting for shelter.

The Joe Biden administration understands the consequences of repealing the policies of Donald Trump. The asylum seekers returned to Republican Mexico. The Democrats chose to comply with the law, which requires asylum seekers to receive and protect them until they ask for it.

In February, nine unsupported children were detained for more than three days, according to CBS News. The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) document makes it clear that the number of children currently in border patrol custody is the highest in the company’s history.