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The United States exceeds the 100 million dose of the vaccine administered

To us This Friday, March 12, surpasses 2021 100 million of Dose From Vaccine Against him Govit-19 It has been administered since December, when it gave immunity to more than 35 million adults so far in the most infected country in the world.

As of March 12, 101 128 005 levels were managed nationwide, according to the latest availability of US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, English). Licensed vaccines In the country, that Pfizer, Modern Y Johnson & Johnson.

Allowed more than that 65 million adults Take at least one dose Vaccine, Already has more than 35 million immunizations, which equates to 13.5% of the U.S. population over the age of 18, according to the CDC.

The CDC reserve includes all doses administered since the vaccine began in the United States in mid-December, by order of the former president. Donald Trump.

So the milestone reached this Friday does not mean that the promise made by the new US president has not yet been fulfilled. Joe Biden, 100 million doses of vaccine will be given in the first 100 days he is in power.

Since Biden came to power on January 20, more than that 81.6 million of Dose, According to a counter produced by the NBC News Network.

The U.S. president quickly calculated this Thursday Rhythm of Vaccine He predicted that the country would allow him to fulfill his promise to reach the 100 million mark sooner than expected, and that he would do so within 60 days. White House, I.e., before March 21st.

If it maintains the current rate of more than two million vaccines being administered per day in the country, the White House will reach that goal by March 21, since Biden is on his 51st day this Friday.

Within it First talk For the nation, on Thursday, March 11, Biden ordered the confirmation of all the states of the country Adults An appointment can be made in the country to vaccinate when May comes, so that the United States can Return to a certain default state, With meetings in small groups, for the July 4 vacation.