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The United States and Great Britain are helping Israel search for hostages

The United States and Great Britain are helping Israel search for hostages

According to media reports, the United States and Great Britain supported Israel in preparing a military operation that rescued four hostages from the Gaza Strip on Saturday. The New York Times reported on Sunday (local time) that the Israeli secret service is making progress in its search for the hostages, thanks to this international help.

The US military has been flying drones over the coast since the October 7 attack by Hamas militants. These cannot map Hamas' tunnel network, but they can use thermal imaging cameras to identify militants at entry and exit points, the newspaper writes.

Israeli drones had the same equipment, but with more drones, larger areas could be monitored for longer periods of time. Information gathered about the whereabouts of hostages is often fragmented, but can provide clues as to when a good time is available for a rescue.

The weekend military operation had been rehearsed for weeks, the Washington Post reported. Models were also built of the buildings in Nusirat where the hostages were believed to be.

According to the Hamas-controlled Health Authority, 274 Palestinians were killed and about 700 wounded in the liberation operation. Israel's military spokesman, Daniel Hagari, on the other hand, spoke of fewer than 100 deaths Saturday evening.

According to Israeli reports, there are still 120 hostages in the Gaza Strip. The New York Times reports that the Secret Service believes a group close to Hamas leader Jihia al-Sinwar has been arrested.

The hostage guards were instructed to shoot them if they were surprised by Israeli troops. According to Hamas, several hostages were reportedly killed during Saturday's rescue operation. This information cannot be independently verified.