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The United States and NATO turn Ukraine into a "powder keg"

The United States and Finland want to strengthen security cooperation

Finland is the country of the European Union that has the longest national border with Russia. The country is not a member of NATO, but a close partner in the military alliance. Finland is also seen as an important link in the highly strained relationship between the European Union and the Kremlin, and Niinistö is sometimes described as a kind of understanding Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Finland is an important partner of the United States, and it is also a strong defense partner, a partner of NATO, especially in terms of strength and security in the Baltic region,” Biden said earlier during a meeting at the White House. Biden said there was general agreement that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was not just an attack on Ukraine, but an attack on European security and global peace and stability. “We are really living in very difficult times,” Niinistö emphasized.

In the meeting with his fellow Finn, Biden also recalled a statement by former US President Barack Obama and laughed. Biden said that if everything was left to the Nordic countries, everything would be fine. Niinistö replied: “As a rule, we do not start wars.” Obama said in 2016, “I really believe the world would be safer and more prosperous if we had more partners like the Nordic countries.”

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