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The UN urges “accelerating” the “full” contribution of women to public life “for the benefit of all.”

“Women’s participation strengthens democracy,” Kamala Harris insists

Madrid, 17 Mar. (Europa Press) –

UN Michael Bachelet, High Commissioner for Human Rights, has called for “accelerating” the “full and equitable” participation of women in public life for the benefit of all.

UN At the 65th session of the Women’s Law and Social Commission, Bachelet called on Tuesday to empower women and girls to be a part of public life because it has to be “right” and “smart”.

“This is a powerful lever to improve policies for all,” she stressed, adding that where women are well represented in government, there is more investment in issues such as social security and better focus on issues such as climate justice.

The role of women in peace negotiations is linked to more lasting solutions, Bachelet points out, pointing out that issues such as women in leadership positions in the private sector can lead to better business performance on many parameters. In addition, during epidemics, women-led territories have adopted better policies.

“We cannot touch reality: women’s equal representation in political life is progressing very slowly,” she lamented, noting that this equality will not be achieved before 2063 if it continues.

Bachelet encouraged world leaders to appoint 50 percent of women to their seats, to ensure greater diversity and inclusion, to utilize temporary special measures, and, among other things, to recruit and train female candidates and select them.

It also called for “greater investment” in preventing violence against women in public life. “As a woman who has held a position of power, I know the most serious impact of toxic abuse and sex. It is important to continue to speak out against it,” she stressed.

Kamala Harris

US Vice President Kamala Harris also attended the session with a video in which she emphasized that “the status of women is the status of democracy.”

As he emphasized, democracy protects human rights, upholds the rule of law and is a path to shared prosperity in which everyone has a single voice, in which he calls for awareness that “progress is work” and sustainable progress.

Democracy, he continues, has come under increasing pressure worldwide through a “worrying decline in freedom.”

“Despite the global health and economic crisis, we need to continue to defend democracy,” he said.

Harris explained that within the framework of the session, in addition to rejoining the Human Rights Council, the United States “strengthens” its commitment to the UN and the multilateral body in general.

“We know the status of democracy depends on our collective commitment to the values ​​enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” she said, adding that “women’s participation strengthens democracy.”