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The UK will remember the victims of the Greenfell Tower disaster

The UK will remember the victims of the Greenfell Tower disaster

Exactly five years ago, the Grenfell Tower disaster struck London. The country now remembers the 72 dead.

Briefly essential

  • On Tuesday, Great Britain remembered the victims of the Granfell Tower disaster.
  • Thousands of people laid flowers in front of the burning skyscraper.
  • The fire that killed 72 people was exactly five years ago.

Five years after the catastrophic fire at London’s Grenfell Tower, the names of 72 people who died were read at the memorial service. Survivors and mourners gathered in Westminster Abbey in the British capital on Tuesday to commemorate the tragedy.

The mourners stopped for 72 seconds and placed flowers in the burning skyscraper, which was still covered with tarpaulin.

Fire due to faulty refrigerator

On June 14, 2017, a faulty refrigerator in a fourth-floor apartment building in a 24-story public building in North Kensington caused a fire. Above A flammable coating The fire spread rapidly over large areas of the residential tower, involving dozens of residents Fire Given unsupported.

To date, the victims have been making serious allegations against the authorities. You throw it away Government Among other things, before the disaster, officials responsible for fire safety finance and community housing were cut off. According to the Times, 640,000 people in the state still live in buildings with the same cover.

Tragedy is “inevitable”

Graham Tomlin, Anglican Bishop of Kensington, called the Grenfell Tower a “powder cake” and that tragedy was inevitable. For people from Neighborhood in West London Five years later, he told Times Radio, the memory was “really hard.” “People are still in deep shock.”

Firefighters threw Government At the end of the year fire safety is not yet taken seriously. According to Matt Rake, general secretary of the Firefighters Association, after 2017, Fire Department Jobs are still being cut.

But that was also after the disaster Fire Department Accused himself of failure. She initially asked the occupants of the burning tower to stay in their apartment. It was only two hours later that the tall building was ordered to be completely evacuated.

Survivors ignored the advice

Many of the survivors left early because they ignored the advice to “stay where you are,” said 25-year-old Diego Alves. FatherHis Mom And his sister escaped the fire.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan of the opposition Labor Party expressed understanding The frustration of the victims: Reaction of GovernmentDevelopers and owners of losers and survivors are far less likely to be right than expected, “he wrote in The Observer on Sunday.

Many people in London and across the country still live in tall buildings fitted with “dangerous, flammable cladding”. New buildings are also still being planned, with serious security vulnerabilities.

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