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The Turk flies home every day in a suit

The Turk flies home every day in a suit

Instead of taking the bus or train, Selilbahn’s manager, Cengiz Kocak, commutes home from work every day in his suite.

A day in the life of Cengiz Kocak. – Twitter / @anadoluimages

The basics in brief

  • Cengiz Kocak is arguably the world’s fastest traveler.
  • The cable car manager commutes home from work every day in a suit.

After a stressful day at work, you can still chat Spend Rush hour traffic is unknown to this guy. Cengiz Kocak cable car director flew about 2000 meters down hard after working on Babadag mountain – in a suit.

The cable car takes 25 minutes to reach the top of the mountain in southwest Turkey. There is also a 40 minute drive. With a bird-like suit He’ll be downstairs in three to four minutes.

Genghis Kocak was working as a paratrooper with the Turks army learner. He later got into professional base jumping and then completed his training in the USA. Since June, he has been working as manager of Babadag Cable Car. Now he can combine the old with the new job.

Would you rather go home wearing the winged suit, too?

Compared to Anadolu Agency, Kocak says: “There is probably no other person in the world who does this every day like me. I am very happy with it and realize how valuable it is.”

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