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The Tesla factory process is almost complete >

It has been reported several times that final approval for Tesla’s Gigafactory plant in Grünheide near Berlin is imminent, but this time it appears to be true: On Sunday, the Tagesspiegel newspaper reported that Before the end of this week, the long-awaited Tesla approval will be given, and a report by Handelsblatt published Thursday with roughly the same, but in some cases more specific information. Accordingly, Brandenburg Prime Minister Dietmar Wodecky wants to announce the details on Friday.

Update: At the request of other media, the Brandenburg Environment Ministry did not initially confirm that Tesla’s permit was ready. However, around noon it sent a press release saying that the process was “nearly completed”. It also contains information that there will be a press conference on the matter with Prime Minister Woidke on Friday at 3:30pm. The Brandenburg Economy and Environment Ministers are also involved, as well as a representative of the Oder-Spree region and the mayor of Grünheide – that is, all levels in Brandenburg that have a relationship with the Tesla project.

Proof is required before Tesla is produced

Headline reads “Tesla gets final approval for plant in Grunheide” From the article Handelsblatt. At least from the freely accessible portion of the text, it is not clear whether this is still related to the future or has actually happened. However, the approval process is “complete”. A press conference with Prime Minister Woidke is scheduled for Friday in Potsdam. So Tesla doesn’t necessarily have the decision yet, but it does appear to be complete.

This has been apparent for some time after, according to the state government, all required documents were submitted by Tesla before Christmas and inquiries about them were answered by February. Since then, the process has been said to be in its final stage. Also in February, a representative of the Ministry of Environment first mentioned that The approval is not yet understood as the official starting signal for Tesla IS: Before serial production begins, more requirements must be met and evidence provided, which can take a few weeks.

The first model Y for customers before the end of March

At least according to Tesla’s planning, it appears to be less than three weeks away. The information was not mentioned in the Handelsblatt article, but in the Daily Mirror I mentioned earlierThe ceremonial delivery of the first 30 Model Y models from Grünheide to their customers is planned in the presence of CEO Elon Musk on March 22 or 23. It is clear that deliveries will be possible by then. This date can be delayed depending on how post-bursary admission is progressing. But at least the long-awaited approval of the German factory Tesla is now apparently ready and will be delivered on Friday.