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The Tasmanian devil destroys the penguin population in Australia

Some Tasmanian demons settled on the Australian island of Maria. About 6000 small penguins are now dead in it.

Brief essentials

  • In 2012 and 2013, 28 Tasmanian demons were brought to an Australian island.
  • Dangerous creatures can multiply there and spread again.
  • However, this has now led to the extinction of a small penguin population.

The Tasmanian devil is a very dangerous creature. And then recently a good news spread that she Spread something again Can. But now marsupials are having a negative impact on other animal species.

Various native bird species are affected by predators. 6000 population Become a dwarf penguin As “The Australian” writes, it was completely destroyed.

The incident took place on the sea island of Maria. A total of 28 Tasmanian demons were introduced there in 2012 and 2013. As expected, the hunter-gatherer multiplied in the following years. When did the resettlement take place In Tasmania A cancer is spreading among demons.

The birds on the island, which is now a national park, are affected by marsupials. In addition to the total population of small penguins, the demons have devastated the vast majority of the cut water population. Now birdwatchers are calling for poachers to be removed from the island.