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The Swiss women's national team stays ahead of Italy thanks to the 5-0 celebration against Croatia

The Swiss women’s national team stays ahead of Italy thanks to the 5-0 celebration against Croatia

The Swiss team showed a strong performance and deserved to win 5-0.


The Swiss women’s team continues to show its lack of nudity in qualifying for the World Cup. SFV celebrated their fourth win in their fourth game with a 5-0 victory over Croatia in Zurich.

As on Friday against Romania (2-0), Anna Maria Kronogorsevich made the SFV selection in her track. The Swiss top scorer’s 1-0 victory came in the eighth minute when the Barcelona striker took advantage of pressure from Svenja Volmley and topped Switzerland with their 64th international goal. Shortly before the break, Noel Maritz made the initial decision with a 2-0 victory.

After the break, it took the Swiss game a long time to pick up speed again. Ramona Bachmann started the final stage brilliant when she let her opponent run into the void with a beautiful hook in the 82nd minute and scored 3-0 (82). The score was 4-0 scored by Rachel Renast with direct admission (88). In injury time, Bachmann made the score 5-0 from the penalty spot for the last point.

With three goals in the space of nine minutes, SFV’s selection defended its lead in Group G. Now, on November 26, in Palermo, that will be followed by the first meeting with the group’s favorite, who also won 5-0 in Lithuania. Only the group winners will qualify directly for the 2023 finals in Australia and New Zealand.


Switzerland-Croatia 5:0 (2:0)

Letzigrund, Zurich. – 3,244 spectators. – Nielsen SR (DEN). – rip: 8. Krnogorsevich (Vulmley) 1: 0. 45. Maritz (Vulmley) 2: 0.82. Bachmann (Moron) 3: 0. 88. Renast (Mauron) 4: 0.91. Bachmann (hands penalty) 5: 0

Switzerland: Thalman. Maritz, Kewick, Buehler (88. Hurni), Marty (59. Renast); And that. Kronogorsevich, Sue (88. Jubilee), Maudy (35. Mauron), Bachmann; Fullmley (59. Lyman).

Notes: Switzerland without Aigbogon, Gott, Rutler (all injured) and Sterley (training). Kronogorsevich’s 74th goal was denied for offside. 90. Yellow card – red Dolcic (Croatia / handball). Warnings: 28. Bachmann (wrong). 46. ​​Mauron (full).

  • 90th minute: Bachmann scores from the penalty spot

    Ramona Bachmann converts the penalty to 5-0 in stoppage time. If this result remains, Switzerland will defend its lead in the standings from the Italians with the same number of points.

  • 88th minute: Rachel Renast 4-0

    It’s amazing how Rinast keeps increasing the score by taking it off the ground. Will the Swiss score another goal?

  • 82nd minute: Bachmann added to Switzerland

    Ramona Bachmann scores 3-0 after technical prowess.

  • 74th minute: Switzerland’s goal does not count

    Kronogorsevich nodded to the alleged 3-0 goal, but was in a poor offside position. If Switzerland wants to defend first place in the table, they need three more strikes, as Italy scored a 5-0 win over Lithuania and currently have a better goal difference.

  • Multiplier change number 59 in Switzerland

    Alicia Lehmann replaces Svenja Volmley and Rachel Renast to replace Lara Marti.

  • 48th minute: Warning shot

    The Croats have a first half chance shortly after the tea break.

  • Half time break in Letzigrund

    The Swiss team deserved a 2-0 lead in the second half. A goal a few seconds before the end of the first half whistle can only benefit the team. So the course is definitely ready to win and maybe the Swiss woman can add one or two hits. The Croatians didn’t have much to offer offensively in the first half. It is not without reason that they are still waiting for their first goal in the World Cup qualifiers.

  • 45th minute: 2-0 to Switzerland

    And Noel Maritz scored 2-0 in the second minute of stoppage time. Fantastic, as Svenja Volmley shot it.

  • 35th minute: Change in Switzerland

    Sandy Maudy should be replaced with muscular problems; And Sandrine Morrone comes for it.

  • 27 minutes: Yellow for Bachmann

    Ramona Bachmann spits the ball far in front of her opponent, who then hits Bachmann in the foot and hits his head with the ball. In the end, Bachmann sees yellow as a wrong decision.

  • The 20th minute: Switzerland is growing

    Kumba Su forces Croatia’s last woman Doris Pacic to show off her long-range shot.

  • 15. Minutes: Switzerland’s next chance

    The Swiss were in control and almost scored the second goal in the 15th minute – and again it was Kronogorsevich who created the danger.

  • Eighth minute: Switzerland leads 1-0

    Anna Maria Kronogorsevich raises the skin from a distance of about 14 meters to the near corner. It can continue like this.

  • Switzerland is obviously the favorite

    The Swiss women have all won their three matches so far. On the other hand, the Croatians have no points left and have a goal difference of 0:10. The balance of power is clear, but it will be decided after the match.

    Switzerland tops the table after three matches against the Italians tied.