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The Swiss with a 0:3 defeat - the end of the World Cup quarter-finals: a brazen awakening against the United States - sport

The Swiss with a 0:3 defeat – the end of the World Cup quarter-finals: a brazen awakening against the United States – sport

Switzerland travels home from the World Cup in Finland without the required medal. 5:39 minutes before the end, the Americans dashed the last hopes of the national team with the third goal.

For the Swiss, the exit of the quarter-finals after the group stage undefeated after 7 wins from 7 matches is a huge disappointment. Not only did Patrick Fischer’s team score a goal, but they also couldn’t build on the solid performance from the group stage in terms of energy.

Slapstick goals received and curvy out

Only in the middle third was the Swiss superior to the Americans, but they did not put the discus in Jeremy Swayman’s goal. The Boston Bruins goalkeeper had a strong day and saved all 33 shots on target. The Swiss attack, praised in group matches, often lacked the fun of the preliminary round.

Shortly after the start of the second half, Timo Meyer failed due to his goal. Next, Fabrice Herzog had two good slot chances. But the EV striker Zug was as unlucky as Nico Hescher or Dennis Malgin, who triumphed over Americans, but also found his hero in Swayman.

The first trimester went according to the motto “If things do not go well, misfortune will follow.” The two goals conceded by the Swiss in the first 20 minutes deserved the title of slapstick:

  • Timo Meyer in the penalty area to kick the ball. Ben Myers puts the disc into the hole after dribbling. Calvin Thorcoff does not see a puck while reversing and unfortunately pushes it into his goal with his snowboard – 1:0 USA.
  • Adam Judd runs away from Dominic Egli after a pass through a gang. The Swiss defender wants to make it clear, at the same time Leonardo Genone is getting out of his chest. The Swiss goalkeeper grabs the puck, but jumps over it and returns to Judit, who scores on both knees to make it 2-0.

To make matters worse, Enzo Corvi was injured between the two goals and was no longer able to play. The HCD striker crashed into the rink at high speed after being checked by Andrew Peeke. Snow left his face bleeding and never came back. Fischer had to change the streak early with Anders Ambul and Herzog, who had previously done well at the World Cup.

Only two outliers are upwards

The Swiss quarter-finalist’s world championship record is more than mixed. Since the turn of the millennium, Switzerland have played 13 quarter-final matches. She was only able to win two of them. 2013 in Sweden and 2018 in Denmark – both times followed by winning the silver medal. However, the Swiss lost in the quarter-finals 11 times. 8 times you didn’t make the jump in the knockout stage.