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The Swiss sent a huge number of SMS

The Swiss sent a huge number of SMS

With Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram down for several hours on Monday evening, Swisscom SMS was booming.

The basics in brief

  • Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram were down for six hours on Monday evening.
  • Meanwhile, the Swiss wrote more text messages than they had in a long time.
  • This even led to a delay in some cases.

in Facebook , The WhatsApp And Instagram Monday evening after 6pm, nothing worked anymore. Until just after midnight Below All Services. Accordingly, via The WhatsApp also nothing newsletter sent or received.

As a result, many Swiss have benefited from the tried and tested SMS service. “Last night, an unusually large number of SMSnewsletter Sent”, says Swisscom– spokeswoman Annina Merck upon request. However, there are no specific numbers.

At least SMS service can be relied upon. Even if it accumulates newsletter Make the lines glow there too. “Sometimes there was a slight delay in delivery due to the sheer number. Otherwise, everything went well,” Merck said.

The disruption affected Facebook users around the world

Facebook’s problems have affected users all over the world. The reason is now also clear. The group is responsible for the global failure of various Facebook services.

Should you also switch to SMS to communicate?

Facebook performed a “false reconfiguration” on its computers, which is responsible for the movement of data between data centers. This was announced by Vice President of Infrastructure, Santosh Janardan, on Monday evening.

Meanwhile, plenty of laughter pervaded what was left of the competition’s social media. diverse Memes employment Twitter Let the group already lose credibility Including the CEO Mark Zuckerberg Not good hair.

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