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The submarine agreement with Australia was poorly designed

BUS President meets French President Emmanuel Macron Joe Biden How a new security alliance with Australia was created to be “clumsy”. Biden said in Rome on Friday that he intended France to be notified before the new agreement was announced.

France has lost billions worth of arms deals due to the new alliance announced without consultation. “I want to be very clear: France is a very valuable partner,” Biden said.

Macron And was very eager to leave the argument. It is important now to make sure that there are no such misunderstandings in the future. Macron said it was now a matter of building even stronger cooperation with the United States. The meeting from Elise Palace was foretold as a “restoration of hope.”

The controversy erupted between NATO partners when the United States announced a new security alliance for the South Pacific with Great Britain and Australia in September. Accordingly, the United States should provide Australia with technology for the construction and operation of nuclear submarines.

That means France lost billions of dollars worth of diesel-powered submarine business to Australia. This led to angry reactions in Paris and raised doubts about the credibility of the Atlantic Alliance. As a result, France temporarily withdrew its ambassadors to the Allies.