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The strike in the UK is said to be deliberately harming patients

At least that’s what the health minister is saying as England’s ambulance drivers’ strike is aimed at harming patients.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • Britain’s health minister is making serious accusations against striking ambulance drivers.
  • They must intentionally harm patients through their strike.
  • Unions counter-accused the minister of intimidation.

Health Secretary Steve Barclay has made scathing accusations against unions as ambulance drivers face strike action in Great Britain. They made a conscious decision to harm patients, Barclay wrote in a guest post for the Telegraph newspaper (Wednesday).

Barclay said the NHS Health Service’s emergency plans do not cover all emergency calls.

Unions criticized the conservative politician’s statements as “false” and “at worst, deliberate scaremongering”.

A total of 25,000 ambulance staff across England and Wales walked out on Wednesday. They demand higher wages and better working conditions.

Hundreds of players jump in

Several hundreds of soldiers enter, but only for patient transport, not emergencies. Another strike is planned for December 28. Already on December 15 and 20 tens of thousands of NHS nurses and hospital staff went on strike.

A final attempt to negotiate with the ambulance drivers on Tuesday failed. Barclays declined to discuss pay beyond the 4 percent increase it offered.

General Secretary of Labor union Unison, Christina McNea, said Government Behave “absolutely irresponsible”. Downing Street’s only fault is the potential deaths due to the strike. Unions have been critical of a significant fall in real wages in the coming years and are now demanding higher than current levels. inflammation About 11 percent.

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