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The statements after the Schalke match cause excitement

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from: Niels Wallenschlager

Stuttgart – Stuttgart suffered a severe setback in their relegation battle at Schalke 04. The post-match comments raise questions:

Just a week after the deserved victory over 1. FC Köln, VfB Stuttgart suffered a major setback in the Bundesliga. Due to the 2-1 defeat of the bottom of the table FC Schake 04, the advantage over the bottom team is only three points. Post-match frustration is correspondingly high. The statements of the VfB managers also raise questions.

The dispute in Stuttgart Club: The statements after the Schalke match raise questions

“We did not expect Schalke’s determination,” VfB sporting director Fabian Wolgmuth said on Saturday. “It’s a matter of mind that you’re not quite ready for the effect you’re expecting here. That’s an issue we need to work on,” he confirms his point a little later.

These sentences are very insightful. After all, coach Bruno Labbadia, who only returned in December, is the focus of criticism. The experienced football coach contradicted Volgemuth after the defeat to Schalke 04.

VfB Stuttgart after the Schalke – Labbadia match takes the players on a mission

We have prepared them for what lies ahead. “They already knew what was coming,” says Labadiyeh. Above all, a poor first half irked the 57-year-old – especially as his side showed a reaction after changing sides.

“It’s annoying because in the second half I saw what could have been. But in the first half, we totally slept through it. We didn’t work well as a group,” Badia complains afterwards and points out a problem with the situation: “It’s always like this with us.” : We always work, but the last piece is missing.” Also BW24 reported in the current The case of VfB Stuttgart.

Stuttgart FC officials: coach Bruno Labbadia (left) and sporting director Fabian Wolgmuth.
Stuttgart FC officials: coach Bruno Labbadia (left) and sporting director Fabian Wolgmuth. © Song David Indian/dpa

VfB Stuttgart host Bayern Munich on Saturday

VfB Stuttgart’s tasks couldn’t be easier. Next Saturday (March 4 / 6:30pm) champions Bayern Munich will be visiting the Mercedes-Benz Arena. (nwo)