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The start of the Qualifying Semi-Finals – Battle of Attrition: Biel submits against the ZSC Lions – Sports

The start of the Qualifying Semi-Finals – Battle of Attrition: Biel submits against the ZSC Lions – Sports – SRF

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  • EHC Biel won the first game of the playoff series semi-final against the ZSC Lions at home 1-0.
  • Alexander Yakovenko scored the winning goal in the 59th minute.
  • In the first game of the league playoffs, La Chaux-de-Fonds defeated HC Ajoie.

Russia defender Yakovenko fired from the blue line 116 seconds before the third whistle and Simon Hroubek surprised Lions goalkeeper with a high shot. The goal was fortunate, but overall it was a good win for the hosts due to the slightly higher percentage of the match.

Shortly before Bale’s winning goal, the visitors missed a great opportunity when they were outnumbered for 5 minutes due to an elbow check by Bale captain Gatan Haas, but they hit a dangerous shot on goal from Bale goalkeeper Harry Satre.

Strong guard on both sides

The two well-organized teams defensively allowed for a battle of attrition. Guards Satri (28 saves) and Hroubek (26) both showed strong performances as in the playoffs. Boxplay was also compelling on both sides, in a total of 6 majority positions there were only a few risky deals.

On the Bale front, Jesper Olofsson (5th), Jerry Salinenen (11th), Haas (26th) and Luca Conte (36th) came close to scoring the first goal. Willy Reddy (33) and Sven Andreguito (8/51) missed the best chances of the “lions”.

Turman’s illness casts a long shadow over the series

The match was also marked by what was circulated on Tuesday Biel coach Ante Turmannen was recently diagnosed with cancer. As announced, Finn was a member of the home team’s gang, and fans gave the 52-year-old a standing ovation.


Get well wishes from fans

Solidarity with Ante Turmannen.


This is how it goes

The second match of the semi-finals takes place in Zurich on Saturday. The other two semi-finalists, Geneva Servet and Zug, will take part on Friday.

SRF Radio 1, March 30, 2023, 10:00 p.m. bulletin;

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