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The SSV goalkeeper is back on the field

The SSV goalkeeper is back on the field

Finally starts again: Tuesday evening, was the first training session on the SSV 80 Gardelegen’s League Kick program. Relaxation in the context of the state government’s new containment law allows for this.

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Gardelegen – Relaxation in the context of the state government’s new containment ordinance makes this possible: Since Tuesday evening, SSV 80 Gardelegen league table players have resumed training, of course under hygiene rules that still apply.

Training has already started again, but then the numbers worsened again due to the Coronavirus pandemic that is still ubiquitous. This meant that those responsible for SSV 80 Gardelegen were forced to stop training in the Football Association League again.

For now, however, the numbers look noticeably better again, so with the state government’s new Containment Act, the easing has gone into effect since Tuesday. Among other things, training football players is now possible again. SSV 80 Gardelegen officials naturally took the opportunity and began their first men’s team training session on Tuesday evening. SSV coach Norbert Scheinert said during his short reception, “I am, of course, happy that we can start over.” The fact that the boys are so sexy is proven by the fact that 20 players gathered at the “Rieselwiese” stadium on Tuesday evening. Sheinert then briefly presented the schedule for his players’ first training session. And of course he mentioned many times the rules of hygiene that still exist, which SSV players have consistently adhered to. “If all goes well, we will first train more relaxed and then begin regular preparation for the upcoming season as soon as possible. On the other hand, we are not taking a real summer vacation,” said Norbert Scheinert.

Motivated and clearly having a lot of fun, his players completed their first training session. Even a short thunderstorm at the start of training did not make the keeper in a good mood.

It is not clear when the new season in the Football Association will start. The shape of the soccer loft in Saxony-Anhalt would appear structurally trivial. FSA currently has two variants on the table. On the other hand, the Union League could run a single track with 19 teams and a total of 38 days of matches in the next season. The second variant, however, provides for two seasons, with a championship round and relegation with another ten days of matches after a full round trip. It is not clear what the federation will ultimately look like in the 2021/2022 season. On the relay day, which takes place on June 2 in Neugattersleben, the League’s teams want to advise the FSA on a likely replacement.

Until the time comes and the new season begins, SSV 80 Gardelegen’s men want to spend time in the best condition on the field and prepare extensively for their second season in the Federation League in the upcoming setup.