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The SPORT1 question causes a stir in the United States of America

The SPORT1 question causes a stir in the United States of America

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The SPORT1 question causes a stir in the United States of America

Before the season, the San Francisco 49ers considered going on a Super Bowl quest with Tom Brady in place of Brock Purdy. When asked by SPORT1, the midfielder now comments on this.

Brock Purdy led the San Francisco 49ers to Super Bowl LVIII as the last overall pick in the NFL Draft.  We take a look back at the midfielder's meteoric rise.

It's a juicy story that has troubled SportAmerica for weeks: Quarterback Brock Purdy, who was fighting for a Super Bowl title on Sunday, could have been demoted this year — if Tom Brady had embarked on one last stint in the NFL. .

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In a large photo posted in mid-January espn Purdy revealed that his San Francisco 49ers players would have signed Tom Brady if 'The GOAT' had not ended his glorious career last year – leaving him only in a backup role for now.

This week, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan confirmed that consideration was there. At a media event ahead of the NFL Grand Final against the Kansas City Chiefs Sport1 Now I've asked Purdy how he got it – and it's also caused a stir in the US.

“Brooke Purdy finally got asked.”

“Brooke Purdy was finally asked about the 49ers' interest in Tom Brady in 2023,” media empire NBC commented on a report on its website — noting that the topic had never come up at past press events.

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24-year-old Purdy's answer to Sport1– Question: “My main thought during all this was: I have to get back and be fit before there is any discussion.” Last season, Purdy's fantasy rise from last pick in the NFL draft to Super Bowl hopeful was hampered by a serious elbow injury.

The uncertainty of when Purdy would be fit again played a role in creating Plan B with Brady.

Against this backdrop, Purdy demonstrated an understanding of simulation games. “They did what was best for the team: having someone who could provide stability within the organization and at the quarterback position,” said the quarterback, who himself didn't know exactly “when I would be back.”

Brady to the 49ers? Purdy was motivated

Purdy wasn't really worried about his newly won regular spot. “I know it is (49ers officials, editor's note) He did not see what I did as invalid. “They had great respect for the way I came in and did my job,” Purdy said.

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Instead, Brady's shadow spurred him on even more: “If he comes, you want to compete with him. At the same time, he's the GOAT and you've got to learn from him if it comes down to it. But the ambitious side of me said we're just one game away from the Super Bowl.” And that I could be the right man for this team.

It's hard for the 49ers to truly regret this decision: They made it to the Super Bowl this time — not least because of Purdy.

Teammate Ambry Thomas recently spoke highly of the 24-year-old Sport1-Interviewed as “the most confident midfielder” he has ever dealt with.