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The son steals his parents’ savings to live a luxurious life

The son steals his parents’ savings to live a luxurious life

The bank account has been emptied

He lived in luxury with his wife – the son deprived his parents of their savings

A Liverpool couple were living a luxurious life after emptying the bank account of the man’s parents. The elderly have lost their savings and have only 30 cents left.


Gary and Diane Mansell lived a life of luxury with Gary’s parents’ money.


  • A man from Liverpool stole his parents’ savings.

  • Thus, he rewarded himself with a life of luxury and luxury with his wife.

  • It’s over now: the two must go to prison for six years.

British man Gary Mansell and his wife Diane have been sentenced to six years in prison by a Liverpool court Because of fraud Convicted. The couple lived a luxurious life for years using Gary’s parents’ savings. Of the 117,000 pounds sterling (about 129,000 francs) that was originally in the pensioners’ bank account, Gary and Diane ended up with only 28 pence left behind – the equivalent of 30 cents.

Gary, 61, and his wife, Diane, 58, were given power of attorney from Gary’s parents, Fred and Enid, in 2017. After their 77-year-old father suffered a serious fall and their 75-year-old mother was diagnosed with dementia, the couple moved The two elders live with Gary and Diane. After moving, the son sold his parents’ house — and kept the proceeds for himself.

Holidays and a golden BMW – the luxurious life of the Mansell family

At the same time, Gary and Diane began a life of luxury. As reported by the Mirror, the couple spent senior money on all-inclusive luxury holidays and luxury goods over a period of three-and-a-half years. Gary and Diane have flown business class to Hurghada in Egypt, to Barbados or to Jamaica in the Caribbean. When they were in New York, they stayed at the Grand Hotel. At home, Diane drove a gold BMW and had an extensive collection of Chanel and Louboutin bags. The couple also treated themselves to expensive steaks or oysters at fancy restaurants – always accompanied by champagne.

Every now and then, Gary would post photos on his Facebook account that showed him on dream beaches or airports. “We are waiting for our driver to pick us up,” he wrote in a post. Meanwhile, his parents were receiving few prepared meals from caregivers and living a completely isolated life in the annex of their son’s home.

The prosecution said in court that Gary and Diane “dreamed of becoming millionaires.” The couple lived a life they could not actually afford. Reading the judgement, the judge told Gary Mansell: “You didn’t care much about your parents. To you, they were just a cash cow who enabled you to live that lifestyle. But they had a responsibility. You blatantly breached your parents’ trust.”

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