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The solar energy coming from Australia will travel 5000 kilometers and reach its destination

Southeast Asian city-state Singapore will receive one-fifth of its future from the Australian Solar Park. The fifth continent becomes the navel of the sun of the world.

This is how maverick aller cells are formed in the Australian desert. They are provided in folded form.

Photo: Sun Cable

In the Southeast Asian city-state of Singapore, 7,800 people enter a square meter. In the Netherlands, the population density is only 500. In fact, there are many more per square meter because industrial, waste incineration plants, cultural and government buildings and power plants also use the space. This makes it difficult for the government to achieve the decorbonization goal. Solar panels on the facade and roofs of tall buildings and small wind turbines make only a small contribution to the power supply. It is not surprising that the city-state gets 95% of its electricity from natural gas power plants.

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