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The singer removes the scene from the music video

The singer removes the scene from the music video

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28.10.2022, 07:3110/28/2022, 12:56 PM

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It’s been less than a week since Taylor Swift’s tenth “Midnights” album was released. The singer is known for giving her fans hidden messages and private insights into her lyrics, but also in her music videos. In the new video, the artist also stuck to this line. But fans noticed one detail in particular – and it was extremely negative. Now the singer has responded.

Taylor Swift breaks records with her new album ‘Midnights’.Photo: cornerstone

Taylor Swift sparks controversy over obesity phobia

According to Swift, the song “Anti Hero” and its accompanying video describe the singer’s “nightmare scenarios and scary thoughts.” In a five-minute clip, the 32-year-old also stands on a scale. But instead of her weight, she says “fat,” referring to a struggle with an eating disorder.

In her 2020 documentary ‘Miss Americana’, Taylor Swift first spoke about her struggle with her perfect beauty. However, fans quickly pointed out that the handling of the disease in their video is questionable.

On Twitter, therapist Shera Rose, who specializes in eating disorders, explains why she finds the situation a problem.

It’s a “dumb way to describe her body image issues,” says the therapist. “Fat people don’t need to be told again that looking like us is everyone’s worst nightmare.” Thus, the video reinforces the assumption that being overweight means the same thing as disgusting or bad. “Having an eating disorder does not justify obesity,” she says.

Taylor Swift responds to criticism

The tweet has been liked more than 43,000 times. With nearly 5,000 retweets, she’s now hosting a whole discussion that not even Taylor Swift could evade.

Although fans also jump on her side, finding that “feeling insecure is no longer allowed because it might upset a fat person somewhere,” the singer drew its consequences. She has relented and has now decided to remove the controversial look of scales entirely from her video.

Meanwhile, the movie “Midnight” broke all records. On Spotify alone, the album has been listened to more than any other album in a single day. On the day of its publication. After just four days, “Midnights” already had its strongest week of broadcasts of the year, like “EW“mentioned. The music videos posted so far have already been clicked in the tens of millions.

Taylor Swift is the highest paid

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