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The shooting of Spanish politician Alejo Vidal Cuadras in Madrid

The shooting of Spanish politician Alejo Vidal Cuadras in Madrid

Alejo Vidal Cuadras, one of the founders of Spain’s far-right Vox party, was shot by unknown assailants in the street. The 78-year-old man was taken to a nearby hospital.

Former governor and later Vox Party politician Alejo Vidal Cuadras at a press conference in the European Union Parliament in 2009.

Thierry Charlier/AFP

Yum. Spanish police have confirmed that Spanish politician Alejo Vidal Cuadras was shot dead on a street in Madrid on Thursday afternoon. Emergency services in the Spanish capital said that the man suffered an entry and exit wound in the lower jaw area. He was taken to the hospital and was conscious.

Spanish police said they were looking for a man who, according to witnesses, fled on a black Yamaha motorcycle after the crime. It is assumed that the motorcycle was being driven by someone else. Spanish media They also unanimously reported that the police are investigating, depending on how the perpetrator was targeted, Whether it was contract killing. The possible motive for the crime is currently unknown.

Alejo Vidal Cuadras is the former president of the conservative Popular Party of Catalonia. In 2013, he co-founded the radical right-wing Vox party, and in 2014 he ran for the party in the European elections. However, he later distanced himself from the party leadership around Vox party leader Santiago Abascal.

Abascal said in an initial statement that he was shocked by the attack, but that the 78-year-old man’s life was out of danger. The Fox president praised Vidal Cuadras, who distinguished himself “by defending the nation, freedom and institutions of Catalonia.”

A few hours before his killing, Vidal Cuadras had been highly critical of the agreement Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez had struck with Catalan separatists. “This agreement destroys the rule of law in Spain and abolishes the separation of powers,” he wrote in Letter X. “Our nation will therefore cease to be a liberal democracy and will turn into a totalitarian tyranny. We Spaniards will not allow this,” the politician added.

On Thursday, the Socialists won the support of the Catalan “Gents” party, by agreeing on an amnesty law for organizers and supporters of the unconstitutional referendum on Catalan independence in 2017. Sanchez can now rely on the votes of the Workers’ Party to secure the position of Prime Minister of Spain for another four years. .

The planned amnesty law has been causing a stir in Spain for weeks.