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The sequel will be filmed in Australia

The sequel will be filmed in Australia

Godzilla vs. Cong (c) Warner Bros. / Legendary movie poster

Warner Bros. ‘ It looks like Monsterverse will continue. Another film will be shot in Australia soon after Godzilla vs. Kong. Kaiju has not yet been given an official title for the film.

The Warner Bros. Monster Wars movies have, over time, become hilarious box office hits. Untitled sequel “Godzilla vs CongIt is set to be filmed in Queensland, Australia from 2021 Deadline In terms of government system Screen Queensland Reports. Filming for the fifth Monster Wars movie will now begin later this year, said Anastasia Balaschuk, the region’s state chief. It can go “Son of Kang“Run out.

So far there is no credible information, but Adam Wingard, who played the last monster fight, has already said he wants its sequel. “The logical place to start where we founded (in GVL) is to explore Hollow Earth. There is a lot more that can be done. There will be history of the planet Earth where all the Titans came from. We are establishing some mysteries in the film that I would like to see explored and explored that can take us to the next level.

The project is expected to provide approximately $ 58.6 million in support to the local economy and generate 505 actors and staff and 750 additional roles.

Good “Godzilla vs Cong‘Filmed in the region and grossed over $ 468 million at the box office.’Cong Skull IslandHad a home site in Australia. A TV series based on MonsterVerce is being developed for Apple TV. Australia has recently become popular as a shooting site. Young Rock, Joe vs Carol or Pictures “Thirteen lives‘Ron Howard,’Elvis‘Boss Luhrmann,’Spiderhead‘Netflix or’Tickets to paradise‘, Filmed Rome-com scenes there starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts. Disney +’s Nautilus and Upright Season 2 are currently being filmed there.

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